Useful Articles related to parrots and their requirements in captivity

Parrots Feeding at Hotel PollyWelcome to our parrot boarding website, specifically created in order to provide you with peace of mind about what to do with your parrot when you need to go away - be it a sudden absence or a planned holiday.

Our aim is to provide parrot pets and their keepers with good value, and a happy, safe, loving home from home experience.

We will continuously strive to seek out and offer all of the pleasures and joys that life has to offer to our beloved feathered and furry pets.

Kindest regards and happy squawking.

Wayne and Anguel

Parrot Essentials has recently published a comprehensive list of Avian Vets on their blog. 

To find an Avian Vet near you visit:

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Christmas Tree Vine Ball

Vine Ball Christmas Tree Parrot Toy  Vine Ball Christmas Tree Parrot Toy
  Brighten your pet bird`s holiday with
  this vibrant chewtastic Parrot toy.
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Anguel Open Top Parrot Cage

Anguel Open Top Parrot Cage  ONLY £179.99
  Quality parrot cage for smaller to
  medium sized parrots & birds.

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