Wayne Cathey with his African GreysWe are 2 professional people - 1 South African and the other Bulgarian, having lived in the UK for 16 years and 14 years respectively. Our many interests include travel, a love of wildlife, nature conservation and a deep rooted passion for our feathered friends.

Our love for the African Grey parrot in particular has seen us both adopting a

problematic parrot from a Rescue sanctuary as well as acquiring one from a breeder. Both of which turned out top notch with our love and nurturing. We have attended training seminars run by world renowned USA avian trainer – Barbara Heidenreich as well as visiting several parrot parks in both the UK and South Africa. Our first and lastAnguel Iordanov with one of the guest at Hotel Polly stop on any visit to a Garden Centre which has a pet area is the parrot section! We are proud to have 3 of our own African Greys – 2 females - Jasper and Gracie as well as 1 male – Bobbie. New arrivals for boarding are usually given a rapturous welcome by our 3!!




Christmas Tree Vine Ball

Vine Ball Christmas Tree Parrot Toy  Vine Ball Christmas Tree Parrot Toy
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Anguel Open Top Parrot Cage

Anguel Open Top Parrot Cage  ONLY £179.99
  Quality parrot cage for smaller to
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