Victoria — The Seychelles Black Parrot is one of the Indian Ocean archipelago’s thirteen endemic bird species, a status it achieved early last year after being recognised as a distinct species, Coracopsis barklyi, by taxonomic experts.

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Pecking at the Parrot Problem

Biologists, conservationists, ornithologists and other experts put their collective brainpower to work at a recent Caribbean-wide meeting to address how to deal with parrots that are considered agricultural pests...

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Puerto Rican parrot makes major comeback

One of the world's most endangered bird species has made a major comeback in the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico.

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Parrot of the month

Congo African Grey ParrotThis month our focus is on the Congo African Grey. They are the most popular parrots kept in captivity around the world and are well known for their intelligence and talking ability. Read the profile...

Introducing New Food

Have you ever tried to convert your parrot to new and healthier food, but failed? We can help you do this whilst your parrot is boarding with us. Just asking when booking your parrot's boarding.

Parrots Feeding at Hotel PollyWelcome to our parrot boarding website, specifically created in order to provide you with peace of mind about what to do with your parrot when you need to go away - be it a sudden absence or a planned holiday.

Our aim is to provide parrot pets and their keepers with good value, and a happy, safe, loving home from home experience.

We will continuously strive to seek out and offer all of the pleasures and joys that life has to offer to our beloved feathered and furry pets.

Kindest regards and happy squawking.

Wayne and Anguel

Customers Feedback

June Willshire
Dorset - 21 August 2019

Thank you for taking such a good care of Mickie, our precious Cockatoo. He obviously had a ball at Hotel Polly. He loves the pink calcium perch and spend a lot of time sitting on it.

We met Vesi who was so nice. We could tell Mickie liked her as she he had been sleeping on the new perch next to her and was comfortable.
He must have enjoyed the view out the window and the time he spent in the outside aviary.

On the way home he was quite vocal, I think he was trying to tell us all about his time with you and his parrot holiday home :-)

Our trip to Cornwall was good with only one wet day. We also were able to visit family both east and west.

Until the next visit.

Kind regards from us all.

June W.

Carole Winter
London - 29 Jun 2015

Hi Both,

Just like to say many thanks for looking after Nobby so well, I don't think he wanted to leave!!
He is settled back home, I am trying to get him to step up at all opportunities, hopefully he will get his confidence back.
Thanks again,


Nikki & Simon Varnals
London - 21 June 2013

Chiku our 9 year old African Grey has just returned from her second stay at 'Hotel Polly'. The first stay was certainly successful otherwise we would not have booked her in again but we noticed she was a little subdued on her return, probably a little confused as to her changing environments. However this time she had obviously slipped straight into her new routine and it was as if she had come back from her holidays. She was in fantastic spirits, chirpy and looking in the pink.

Anguel & Wayne take such care to ensure their guests are happy and settled. We were confident that they really did take on board all Chiku's quirks,fads and routines. Not only are we happy to send her again I think she will see it as her 'holiday retreat' and not even glance back as we leave. As a parrot who is constantly looking after her best interests she quickly adopts Anguel as her new love ..... fickle lady!My thanks go to both guys for providing such a fantastic place to leave Chiku, it has taken 9 years to solve the problem of a happy holiday for us and our treasured parrot.

Nikki & Simon Varnals.

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